[PDF] Kota’s Nucleus Mathematics Module for JEE.

[PDF] Download Kota’s Nucleus Mathematics Module for JEE


  • Now Download Nucleus Mathematics Modules for JEE Main/Advanced

    there are 4 modules scroll at last

Module 1

1.Quadratic Equations
2. Sequence & Series
3. Determinants
4. Matrices
5. Permutations & Combination
6. Binomial Theorem
7.Complex Numbers
8. Probability

Module 2

1.Straight Lines
2. Circle
3. Parabola
4. Ellipse
5. Hyperbola
6. Logaithm
7. Compound Angles
8. Trigonometric Eqns

Module 3

1. Vectors
2. 3D
3. Functions
4. Inverse Trigonometric Functions
5. LCD
6. MOD
7. AOD
8. SOT

Module 4

1. Indefinite Integration
2. Definite Integrations
3. Differential Eqns
4. Area under the curve


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