Objective NCERT GearUp Biology for NEET and AIIMS

Objective NCERT GearUp Biology for NEET and AIIMS

Objective NCERT GearUp Biology for NEET and AIIMS (English, Perfect, Dr. Ajay Mohan) it's very helpful book.Question level is very helpful for neet/aiiims.


Dr. Ajay Mohan, AIIMS/NEET Toppers and Faculty Teams have Simplified the NCERT for you so that you can easily get grip on NCERT Biology. As the level of Biology is rising in exams, the student really need to cop up with it. 900+ pages and 7000+ questions of this book will help them to meet their expectations. As per the current trend, most of questions asked in AIIMS and NEET are from NCERT Books. Our team tried to justify this objective by developing this book to provide each & every PMT Aspirant an opportunity to read theory and practice MCQs which are directly extracted from NCERT Books. This is the only book in the market where all question are provided with NCERT Page wise. References. According to me, aspirants should always go antegrade & read authentic theory from NCERT, supplemented by the Crisp Notes of NCERT given in this book for Biology and then should attempt MCQs. This helps in remembering the subject and gives confidence to attempt new questions easily. The goal behind writing this book is to give students a very easy, lucid and palatable material. This wonder book help aspirants to learn and self assess Biology in the most efficient way.

  1. The Living World 
  2. Biological Classification 
  3. Plant Kingdom 
  4. Animal Kingdom 
  5. Morphology of Flowering Plants 
  6. Anatomy of Flowering Plants 
  7. Structural Organization in Animals 
  8. Cell : The Unit of Life 
  9. Biomolecules 
  10. Cell Cycle and Cell Division 
  11. Transport in Plants 
  12. Mineral Nutrition 
  13. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 
  14. Respiration in Plants 
  15. Plant Growth and Development 
  16. Digestion and Absorption
  17. Breathing and Exchange of Gases 
  18. Body Fluids and Circulation 
  19. Excretory Products and Their Elimination 
  20. Locomotion and Movement 
  21. Neural Control and Coordination 
  22. Chemical Coordination and Integration 
  23. Reproduction in Organisms 
  24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 
  25. Human Reproduction 
  26. Reproductive Health 
  27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation 
  28. Molecular Basis of Inheritance 
  29. Evolution 
  30. Human Health and Disease 
  31. Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 
  32. Microbes in Human Welfare 
  33. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes 
  34. Biotechnology and its Applications 
  35. Organisms and Population 
  36. Ecosystem 
  37. Biodiversity and Conservation 
  38. Environmental Issues 


Ch-1,Ch-2,Ch-3Click Here
Ch-17 Breathing   Click Here
Ch-18 Body Fluids               Click Here               

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