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Cengage Text Series

Here i am to keep it simple ( as i am always ) and help you at the same time :

CENGAGE is world class publisher of books
It is known for its best study material becuase these books are actually written by Kota's faculty. And Kota is the factory of IITians & Doctors.

The book's covers all topics in JEE syllabus and contains a large number of problems to practice. Also, the topics are divided in parts for ease of the students.

a. Algebra - Cengage Algebra
b. Trigonometry - Cengage Trigonmetry
c. Vectors & 3D - Cengage. Vectors and. 3. D
d. Calculus - Cengage Calculus
e. Coordinate Geometry - Co-ordinate Geometry
b. Wave & Thermodynamics - Cengage Waves and Thermodynamics
c. Electrostatics & Current Electricity - Cengage Electrostatics and Current Electricity
d. Current Electricity & Magnetism - Cengage Electricity and Magnetism
e. Optics & Modern Physics - Cengage Optics and Modern Physics
a. Inorganic Chemistry - Cengage Inorganic Chemistry
N.B: Please make sure you download any material that comes across as relevant to you so that you later don’t face the issue of NON-AVAILABILITY !

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