About the book:

Problems In General Physics has been written for students pursuing advanced courses in Physics. Those pursuing general courses in Physics may also benefit from this book. In total, there are 6 chapters in this book. They include Thermodynamics And Molecular Physics, Physical Fundamentals Of Mechanics, Oscillations And Waves, Electrodynamics, Atomic And Nuclear Physics, and Optics. Through the course of this text, the author explains several misconceptions pertaining to the laws of physics and their drawbacks. Readers are presented with problems that involve the application of various concepts in physics. This helps readers gauge their understanding of the subject. At the start of each chapter, readers are given a brief summary of the formulae incorporated in that chapter. There are over 1900 problems, along with hints for the very complex ones. In certain cases, explanatory notes are also provided to avoid any unnecessary confusion. The formulae use the SI system. The sixth part is an exception as it utilizes the Gaussian system. At the end of Problems In General Physics, major physical constants and tables are presented in a brief manner. To comprehend this learning material, it is important for readers to have a strong base in Mathematics. All in all, Problems In General Physics, is a must-have for individuals studying this subject or those appearing for competitive examinations such as AIEEE, NTSE, IIT-JEE or the Physics Olympiad. Problems In General Physics was first published in the year 1993.

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