AV Sir Video Lectures

AV Sir (Mr. Amit Verma) has completed M.SC (Physics). He is Joint Director cum Sr. Faculty of Motion IIT JEE Institute. He has teaching experience of 11 Years. He is a Physics Genius of high caliber, he is highly regarded in all formats of IIT JEE coaching. He is keen to spread his learning methods to reach each and every corner of India.

                  Center Of Mass By AV Sir (Part 1 to 12) | IITJEE-(Mains+Advance)|[Video/Download Links]

                  Center Of Mass By AV Sir (Part 13 to 20)(Last) | IITJEE-(Mains+Advance)|[Video/Download Links]

                  FRICTION (complete) By AV Sir [Video+Download Link]

                  Kinematics By AV Sir(Part 1 to 15)(All Parts in One)| IITJEE-(Mains+Advance)| [Video/Download Link

                   Rotational Motion By AV Sir (Part 1 to 5)(Latest) [Video+Download Link]

          Rest coming soon... :-)

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